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 Store Policy

Returns or exchanges are guaranteed within 7 days of purchase if:

  • the item is in the same condition it was when it left the store

  • receipt for item is presented & or the original price tag is intact

As far as plants are concerned:

  • Until further notice from God, we are unable to guarantee life.

  • However, we do guarantee that our products are healthy & happy at the time of purchase. 

  • We strive to make successful 
    gardener's out of our customer's.

     Retail:                                      Garden Hut                                111 W Main St                              Buena Vista, CO 81211                719-395-9296                                Summer 10-6...                     
Fall 10ish-6

Winter 11ish-5:30                                           

Merrifield's Greenhouse
19256 CR 343 Unit B
Buena Vista, CO 81211                            719-395-9296                                
Open Year-round 10-5

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